Children’s teeth

Portway Dental Care is a child-friendly practice and we are passionate about protecting young smiles from their very first tooth. Your child will usually start to get their first teeth at around six months old. We recommend that you schedule your child’s first dental examination when they reach the age of two and following this, between every three and twelve months. Plaque can start to form on young teeth as soon as they emerge, so it is important to implement a good oral health routine early – starting with that first tooth.

Keep your child’s smile healthy

You are the best person to help your child to understand the importance of keeping their teeth clean and fresh. Encourage them to brush regularly (using some of the tips below) and talk to them about the effects diet and lifestyle can have on their teeth and gums.

We are here to support you at every stage of your child’s development. At Portway Dental Care, our experienced dentists will provide a thorough examination of your child’s teeth, remove any plaque build up and talk to them about their dental hygiene.

Help your child to keep a healthy smile by:  

  • Reducing the frequency of sugary snacks and drinks.
  • Using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Visiting the dentist on a regular basis.
  • Implementing a positive dental routine; brush well, twice a day, for two minutes.  
  • How can I encourage my child to brush their teeth?

Learning the importance of brushing your teeth at a young age puts you in the best position for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. However, we know that sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up the twice-a-day momentum, especially with young children. One of the most common problems in children’s dental care routine is simply not brushing for long enough; they want to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

We have a few tips and tricks to help you encourage your child to maintain a good oral health routine.  

Play their favourite song and challenge them to keep brushing until it ends.

Get an app. There are plenty of online apps that make brushing your teeth into an engaging game for your child, for example, with reward charts, demos and singing animals, so those two-minutes will fly by.

Try out a fun toothpaste. This could be a novelty toothpaste, or simply change up the dispenser, for example, if you usually use a tube try a pump.

Play dentist at home. By role-playing you prepare your child for what to expect from a dentist visit and introduce their accountability.

Let’s talk about sugar

Sugar is the primary cause of tooth decay in children. Often fruit juices aimed at children have more sugar than a can of Cola. We know that children love a sugary snack or drink, so keeping it to a minimum can be challenging. Encourage healthy alternatives; a glass of milk or fresh water is always better for their teeth than a fizzy drink or high-sugar fruit juice.

Confident children mean confident adults

How often do you hear of people who are scared to visit the dentist? Often, it is the unknown and lack of familiarity that nurtures fears and anxieties. You can help your child become dentist-confident. Regular visits to the dentist will help them to understand the processes and what to expect, as well as to build a relationship with their Portway Dental Care dentist that will last into adult life.

Practice prevention

Prevention is always better than a cure, and regular examinations at Portway Dental Care for your child are invaluable for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, maintaining a healthy smile into adulthood.

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