Root Canal Treatment

If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain, it is possible that you may require root canal treatment.

When is a root canal treatment required?

Root canal treatment (or endodontics) is required when there is an infection deep within your tooth. The blood and nerve supply will be infected either due to an injury or a severe cavity. You may not experience any pain or discomfort during the early stages of an infection. If left untreated, this kind of infection can not only be very painful but can lead to a tooth abscess, or even tooth loss.

Five signs of infection:

  1. Serious toothache when eating, or when you put pressure on the tooth. Does it hurt when you bite down hard?
  2. Excessively sensitive teeth. Does the sensitive pain linger after the initial contact with hot foods or drinks?
  3. Darkening of your tooth. Has your tooth changed colour? 
  4. Discharge from a small bump on the gum, close to the painful tooth.
  5. Tender or swollen gums around the tooth.

What does treatment involve?

Root canal treatment removes all of the infection from the tooth, before sealing the canal, to prevent reinfection and restore you back to good oral health. 

When you first come into our practice, we may take an x ray to assess the status of the infection. A local anaesthetic may be administered to the area. Once you are fully anaesthetised, your dentist will use specially designed tools to remove the infected tissue. A rubber compound is then used to fill the tooth where the root canal tissue previously was. 

How do I avoid a root canal?

Root canal treatment can often be avoided by practicing good dental care. Regular visits to your practice for consultations allows your dentist to detect any problems you may not have noticed. They will check any current fillings or crowns for damage or cracks. With early intervention you can avoid infection and further complications that may ultimately lead to endodontic treatment.

Tooth decay is one of the common reasons for root canal infections. You can reduce your risk by brushing and flossing regularly, chewing sugar-free gum between meals and reducing the frequency of fizzy drinks and sugar in your diet.  

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