Dental bridges

Why might I need a bridge?

A bridge is a replacement for one or more missing teeth. It is a good solution if you do not have many missing teeth, or if your missing teeth are all on one side of your mouth. It is important to replace missing teeth to prevent your remaining teeth from drifting into the empty space, as well as to restore the function of your mouth and the appearance of your smile.

What is a bridge?

A conventional bridge is made up of crowns that fit to teeth on one or both sides of the gap, which serve as anchors, along with a false tooth or teeth in-between.

‘Adhesive’ bridges are another type of bridge. These are usually only suitable for replacing single missing teeth and allow a false tooth to be fitted by bonding it to one or both teeth either side of the gap. The advantage of this type of bridge is that it does not require teeth adjacent to the gap to be prepared for a crown, so it can preserve more natural tooth structure. This type of bridge is more likely to become un-cemented, however, although most people do not have a problem with them.

How is a bridge fitted?

Initially, your Portway Dental Care dentist will examine your teeth and jaw to evaluate the best course of action. An x-ray may be required. If you have strong enough teeth with good bone support then a bridge could be a great option to restore your smile. Two appointments will then be required to construct and fit the bridge.

At the first your teeth will be prepared to receive the bridge and an impression is then taken which will be used to build a bridge that looks natural and matches your mouth exactly. The bridge may be made from metal, metal and porcelain, ceramic, ceramic and porcelain, or composite resin and the replacement tooth that’s fixed between your bridge will be colour-matched to the rest of your teeth. While your bridge is being made, your dentist may fit a temporary bridge or crown to protect the exposed gum and teeth.

When the bridge is ready, it will be fitted carefully by your Portway Dental Care dentist, who will make sure it is comfortable before it is fixed in place.

How do I look after my bridge?

You will need to clean your bridge and the false tooth or teeth it supports every day. To prevent damage, it’s best to avoid chewing hard foods and ice. By taking good care of your bridge, you can ensure it will last for many years.

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