Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, people everywhere are facing uncertain times and embracing new challenges. At Portman, we are working hard to ensure that patients can return to our practices to receive the care they deserve as soon as it is safely possible.

As we continue our efforts, we have made a reluctant decision to cancel some appointments whilst we work through our reopening plan. We understand that appointment cancellations can be frustrating, so we have put together some advice on maintaining good oral hygiene and tips for brushing your teeth without visiting the dentist. We’ve also partnered with one of our key suppliers, CTS Dental Supplies, to offer you the ability to order your own dental supplies direct to your home using the CTS system.

You may be affected if you are

  • A patient who has already had an appointment cancelled
  • A patient who has an appointment coming soon
  • A patient who is approaching the time of their regular visit
  • Our cancellation process so far and what we are changing

    Until now, during this Coronavirus crisis, in the majority of cases we have cancelled appointments and re-booked them. This meant that some patients saw their appointments cancelled for a second time due to the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19.

    Patient appointments are now being cancelled and patients placed in a ‘holding position’, until we have finalised our appointment plan for safe reopening post Covid-19.

    This process is the same for all of our patients. When rebooking, we will then prioritise emergency patients, those who are mid treatment, and patients who are due for their routine check-up. These patients will be invited to attend in order of which month their appointment was due.

    Why we are taking this approach

    Patients who have already been moved that were in the middle of treatment, or now overdue their routine care appointment will need to be seen as a priority when we re-open. Patients who are mid treatment may need urgent attention and be awaiting our call.

    If you require urgent attention and cannot manage this issue yourself, please get in touch so that we can ensure you receive the care you need.

    If you have an appointment coming up soon or are due routine care, there will be a delay and we apologise for this. Our team continue to work hard to monitor our holding list and get your appointment rebooked as soon as possible.

    Once we can assure a safe return to practice, we will be in touch to re-arrange the appointments that we have cancelled. Whilst our practices are closed, we understand you may have concerns and worries about dental problems, but we want to reassure you that your local practice team are still here to support you, so please call if you have urgent queries. Thank you for your continued understanding. We are working hard to make our practices safe for reopening in the near future.

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